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Outsource Services


"Save you lots of Money and allows you more Time to spend on other management issues"

Employee’s costs are costs that represent over 50% of direct costs in most organisation, and it is unavoidable. Many companies are now reducing these costs by outsourcing their departmental responsibilities to professional companies. Finance department is one of the easiest for a company to outsource.

Take for example a small company that employs 3 finance staff namely;

Account receivable officer

Account Payable officer and

Account manager

Yearly wages are £16,000 £16,000 £25,000 respectively, total finance wages equals £57,000.

If this company outsources the account payable and receivable functions to us on a weekly bookkeeping work, we will be charging £12,800 per annum, that is approximately 34% saving on the overall wage costs in the finance department.

What are the benefits to our clients?

-          Reduced Operating Costs

-           Fraud and error Prevention

-           Eradicate work backlogs

-           Enhance accuracy and completeness of accounting data

Accounts are prepared by qualified accountants in accordance with all and relevant accounting principles and standards

Now is the Perfect Time to Make the Switch to Our Outsourced Services and you will be grateful that you made that decision.


1 - 49 Employees--- £1.00 per employee per week (£4.00 per month)

50 - 99 Employees--- £0.90 per employee per week (£3.60 per month)

100 - 249 Employees--- £0.80 per employee per week (£3.20 per month)

250 - 499 Employees--- £0.70 per employee per week (£2.80 per month)

500-                                 --- £0.60 per employee per week (£2.40 per month

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