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Your Data and Information Security


Accounting profession is one of the most heavily regulated in the finance industry, especially when it comes to the issues of data security and money laundering.

At AWA & CO we take great precautions in abiding by the rules and guidelines set out by IFAC both to protect ourselves and our clients.

We understand the sensitivity and importance of the security of your data and information. Our security philosophy is a guiding principle of our core values.

- Commitment to confidentiality of information

- Continuous internal control check on safety ofdata and information

- Non disclosure of information of clients to any third party without client consent.

- Restricted access to important information

Our Employee Credibility

Security is about people and their credibility. Right from the recruitment stage, we set up integrity and trustworthiness testing among the qualities of an employee.

-          We test and evaluate capability and integrity among potential employee

-          We conduct backgroundsand referral checks

-          We make sure potential employees sign our confidentiality agreement before employment confirmation

-          We constantly monitor our employees to make sure all our security precesses are followed

We will work for you faithfully and build on gaining your trust. Remember that your data and information security is our own security which we are protecting daily.

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